About Us

Our company is originally from Japan. We have two locations in California. We are experts in selling pre-owned luxury items, 100% authentic brand name products. Each item is checked for authenticity by a trained professional.

We are licensed dealer in United State.

Our stores are located inside Mitsuwa Market Place.

Costa Mesa

10:00-19:00 Open throughout the year
665 Paularino Ave., Costa Mesa CA 92626


10:00-19:00 Open throughout the year
21515 Western Ave., Torrance, CA 90501

At Treasures, we guarantee you 100% Authentic Luxury Brand Items or Your Money Back. You can shop with confidence and feel ensured by us for every item we sell is AUTHENTIC.

Our trained professional checked for authenticity from stitching, stamping, hardware, date code, serial number, holograms, authenticity cards and quality of materials with manufactures established standards.

Treasures offer a lifetime return policy only if an item found non-authentic. Need a proof of written document is required.